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I specialise in producing displays for weddings, corporate events, and Parties.

This site is for this business and coming soon an independent distributor for a range of eco products

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Environmental Issues with Balloons

I am aware that balloons have a bad reputation due to becoming more litter,  animals trying to eat them, or becoming entangled in them, indeed one horse owner, along with the RSPCA, wants to see a ban on helium balloons following the loss of one of her horses, directly caused by the horse trying to eat the remains of a balloon which came down in its paddock.

I consider that any form of a balloon release, organised or not, where balloons simply drift or are blown about to come to earth at random is irresponsible. I can offer other options, such as at funerals, apart from just releasing them

I am first and foremost a balloon decorator working in an enclosed environment (or to put it simply indoors) and want to see my displays properly disposed of, not to become yet more litter

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